We specialize in wireless and RF regulatory compliance testing to meet global requirements.

RF, Wireless, & EMC Regulatory Compliance Testing
At MiCOM Labs, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance and product certification.   Our extensive firsthand experience with a broad variety of technologies, including product manufacturing, have resulted in cutting edge expertise which we apply to each product that passes through our doors. The global marketplace requires a compliance partner who understands your product, your needs, and the regulatory requirements that go with them.

ISO/IEC:17025 Accreditation 
MiCOM Labs test facilities are accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to provide accurate and consistent test results in accordance with international standards. Our scope of accreditation can be viewed here.

High Frequency Capability
Do you have high-frequency testing requirements? No problem. We can test up to 220 GHz for a wide range of technologies and applications.

Unique Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
Our proprietary, fully automated DFS test infrastructure is designed to simplify global 5GHz DFS test requirements and get your product to the market as quickly as possible.

Reporting And Online Questionnaire
Prior to the project start, clients are requested to complete an online questionnaire. This information will generate a customized test strategy and can produce automated test reports with over 1,200 pages in under 4 mins. These parameters can include conducted, radiated (including band-edge), DFS, AC wireline, and Telecom emissions tests.

Experience And Knowledge
Our dedicated staff have expertise in testing and certifying products for numerous industries and varying technologies, with over 30+ years of regulatory compliance experience.

Mobile and Cellular Devices

MiCOM Labs processes enable faster global market access to manufacturers of mobile and cellular devices where connectivity and interoperability are the keys to success. Our compliance team of experts are fully equipped technically to ensure our clients are educated and are fully compliant to today’s regulatory rules.

EMC/EMI Capability

As an A2LA accredited test facility, MiCOM Labs can meet all your EMC/EMI test requirements.

Comprehensive Test Capabilities
We are accredited to test EMC for North America, Europe, Asia, and all other international markets.

Immunity and Emissions Test Infrastructure
Our capabilities include testing in anechoic radiated chambers, ESD, EFT surge, conducted and radiated immunity, voltage dips, and interruptions, harmonics and flicker, and power magnetics.

Troubleshooting and Debugging Capabilities

Quickly identify and resolve any non-compliance issues. Our expert EMC engineers can assist you with product design, pre-testing, debugging, and root cause analysis.

Looking for a complete list of international EMC directives and standards for Emissions, Immunity, and Product-Specific EMC?

Click here to see our A2LA Accreditation Schedule

Antenna Characterization & Testing

Full 2D/3D antenna characterization, EMF measurements, receiver sensitivity, VSWR and more.

Antenna measurement capabilities extend over azimuth antenna patterns and/or full spherical measurements for devices in active or passive mode.

Comprehensive results
include gain, 3D radiation pattern, and antenna efficiency.

Post-processing calculations include derivation of antenna half-power beamwidth, directivity, radiation efficiency, total radiated power, and total operational isotropic sensitivity.