MiCOM Labs (India)
In 2021, MiCOM Labs (India) was established to support the evolving demand for product testing and certification aimed at the growing India wireless market. MiCOM Labs leverages its global expertise to certify products tested locally as well as abroad to comply with India’s regulatory compliance landscape.

Based in Bengaluru, in the heart of Karnataka, our local team can support with India wireless regulatory and compliance.

Office Address:

WeWork, Embassy Tech Village
Block L, Embassy Tech Village Devarabisanahalli, 
Outer Ring Road, Bellandur. 
Bengaluru, KA 560103


BIS Regulation of India 
BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) introduced the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) to regulate specific categories of products that are sold in India. 

Since 2013, BIS has been regularly adding several product categories to this scheme, in multiple phases now, covering more than 60 product categories so far. 

WPC Regulation of India
WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) introduced the ETA (Equipment Type Approval) process to regulate all wireless devices operating in the unlicensed band in India. 

The WPC regulation covers products such as cell phones, computing and similar wireless devices including consumer electronics that operate in unlicensed bands.  

TEC Regulation of India 
Mandatory Testing & Certification Of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) is a regulation launched by Telecom Engineering Center (TEC), which operates under the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India. 

As of 2019, TEC has been mandating, across multiple phases, several telecom device categories to require testing and certification. It is recommended to inquire for the latest updates. 

BIS and TEC testing and certification is an in-country process that requires identification of the right lab within India and navigating the documentation and certification towards successful completion of the process. 

WPC ETA can be accomplished using accredited test reports from international labs. MiCOM Labs’ core strength area is wireless testing and certification, which comes handy in helping customers accomplish the test needs for international and Indian approvals. 

With MiCOM Labs’ local presence in India, combined with strong technical knowledge and process know-how, we can help customers accomplish any or all of the above regulatory goals for India.