This is MiCOM Labs

MiCOM’s goal since its early beginnings was to create an impact in the world of product compliance.   Our purpose is to enhance client experience by streamlining the complicated regulatory process.   Over the years we have developed a team with exceptional knowledge and expertise, which help you succeed in bringing your product to market.

Making Waves

Since its inception, MiCOM Labs aimed to break free from outdated methodologies to deliver our clients state-of-the-art test and certification management.   Our team of dedicated engineers are paving the way as industry leaders in test automation and we have not stopped there.   MiCOM Labs continues to push the envelope with intuitive solutions for manufacturers to remain competitive and meet their regulatory goals.

Our Team

MiCOM Labs have a dedicated team driven with a passion for creativity, providing superior compliance solutions that help solve challenging problems for our clients.   Team MiCOM boasts a quirky and diverse combination of people with unique characteristics and outside interests.

Our Promise

MiCOM Labs strives to always provide high quality and dependable products/services, regardless of the scope and complexity of your project.   Security and confidentiality is of utmost priority and we will ensure that all your regulatory compliance goals are met.   MiCOM Labs can be counted on as a trusted compliance partner to you, our customer.