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Our decades of testing experience has given us unique insight into the most common mistakes people make in compliance management. Here are some real world examples that clients went through before coming to MiCOM Labs.

Location, Location, Location A successful engineering company designed a commercial RFID device in record time for world wide deployment. During the final stages they discovered the frequency of operation was not universally accepted and their product cannot be approved. Product had to be re-designed escalating cost and time to market.

Rise and Fall A wireless manufacturer was ready to ship out a fully compliant product having completed all required testing. At some point in the product life cycle, a vendor changed a specification, introducing faster rise times. Delighted with the increase in reliability, engineers incorporated the revised component through an engineering change order (ECO). Months later a potential customer discovered that the revised product did not meet radiated emissions standards. The improved product had become a noncompliant product.

Taking Outside Chances Standards govern the use of radio equipment with external antennas. During product testing a radio manufacturer discovered that North America prohibited use of an external antenna certain frequency bands. Additional product variant had to be designed foiling attempts for a global product release.

Company X thought they could just buy a $9.99 wireless module, drop it into their product and start shipping.
But it wasn't that simple.
The whole product needed to go through compliance testing.