Hand holding mobile radio

Land Mobile includes many types of radios and services such as: Private Land Mobile Radio Services, Public Safety, Industrial/Business, Private Land Mobile Paging, Radiolocation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Location and Monitoring Service (LMS) and Amateur Radio Service

Personal Radio Services includes: General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), Family Radio Service (FRS), Radio Control Radio Service (R/C), Citizen Band (CB), Low Power Radio Service (LPRS), Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS), Medical Implant Communication Service (MICS), Multi-USE Radio Service (MURS), Personal Locator Beacons (PLB), and Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC).

MiCOM Labs can meet all of your regulatory testing and certification needs for all types of radios in the Land Mobile, Amateur and Personal Radio categories.


EN 301 489-5 Private Land Mobile Radio - EMC
EN 300 113 PMR w/RF Port
EN 301 166 Narrowband PMR w/RF Port
EN 300 390 PMR w/Antenna
EN 300 471 PMR shared w/EN300 113 Channels
EN 301 489-15 Amateur Radio EMC
EN 301 783 Amateur Radio
FCC Part 90 Private Land Mobile Radio
FCC Part 95 Personal Radio Service
FCC Part 97 Amateur Radio Service
ICC RSS-119 Land Mobile and Fixed Radio
IC RSS-136 General Radio Service Band
IDA TS LMR Land Mobile Equipment