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Bluetooth is a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) that follows the IEEE 802.15.1 and Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) standards. Bluetooth devices operate in the 2.4 GHz license-free band. The Bluetooth SIG is a trade association comprised of leaders in the telecommunications, computing, automotive, industrial automation and network industries that is driving the development of Bluetooth wireless technology, a low cost short-range wireless specification for connecting mobile devices and bringing them to market.

MiCOM Labs can test and certify your Bluetooth devices to all regulatory standards. And through our partner we can test and certify your products to the Bluetooth SIG interoperability standards.


EN 301 489-17 2.4 GHz EMC for Wideband Data
EN 300 328 2.4 GHz Wideband Transmission
FCC Part 15C Unlicensed Radio Devices
IC RSS 210 Low Power License-Exempt
AS/NZS 4771 Spread Spectrum Devices
DGT LP002 Low Power RF Devices
HKTA 1039 2.4 GHz Radiocommunications
IDA TS SRD Short Range Devices
TELEC Item 19 2.4 GHz Wideband Communications