Services and Solutions
Understanding how MiCOM Labs can help

At MiCOM Labs we specialize in regulatory compliance testing to meet FCC, IC and CE standards as well as global markets such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia. Our high quality test methods and accurate reporting system has put us in high standing with regulatory agencies across the world.

Unique DFS (Dynamic Frequency selection) – state of the art test infrastructure and digitized outputs for maximum accuracy and on-the-spot analysis

High Frequency capability – ability to generate and test up to 110GHz.

Environmental testing – specialized test chambers for measuring output power, modulation characteristics, occupied bandwidth, conducted spurious emissions, field strength of spurious radiation and frequency stability over temperature and humidity.

Experience and Knowledge – expert staff who handle wide variety of technologies but not limited to Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth, UWB, Microwave Fixed Links, cellular and telecommunication equipment.

EU Short Range Devices
R&TTE Fixed Radio Links - PMP
Fixed Radio Links - PTP
Private Land Mobile Radio (PMR)
USA Part 15 - Unlicensed Radio Frequency Services
FCC Part 18 - Industrial, Scientific & Medical Equipment
Part 21 - Domestic Public Fixed Radio Services
Part 22 - Public Mobile Services
Part 24 - Personal Communication Services
Part 27 - Misc. Wireless Comm. Service
Part 90 - Private Land Mobile Service
Part 95 - Personal Radio Service
Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service
Part 101 - Fixed Microwave Service
CANADA Radio Standards Specification (RSS)
IC Standard Radio Systems Plans (SRSP)
JAPAN Specified Radio Equipment