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Today's wireless markets have become intensely competitive with compressed windows of market opportunity. Then there are the added demands of the shareholders/investors. In this environment, the pressure is on to introduce products in a timely manner. All too often wireless compliance testing and certification are left to the end and are perceived as the 'final hurdle' before product ships out the door.

At MiCOM Labs, we can change that understanding. As the experts in regulatory testing we can make product compliance work for you as a tool that actually accelerates your product release process. Our design-for-compliance management approach to product development. We will help you navigate the maze of compliance requirements and provide you the regulatory support you need to manage your projects through to certification. If you're looking for a compliance management partner for your products you have come to the right place, MiCOM Labs.


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Design-for-Compliance: A Tool for Reducing Time-To-Market

Integrate compliance into the early stages of product design.
Find out what are the regulatory limits on your device type.
Design with compliance criteria in mind.
Pre-scan prototypes to make sure they meet the requirements.
Complete final testing and certification on production units.
A fully compliant product is now ready for the market.
Find out how you can stay ahead of your competition by reducing your time to market with MiCOM Labs design for compliance program.

Compliance Management: It's about Time and Money

It requires tremendous experience and day-to-day knowledge of regulatory standards to make sure products are compliant.
Whether you are a large corporation with a full compliance engineering group or a small start-up MiCOM Labs has expert staff and advanced test equipment to assist with non-compliance issues.
In situations that could translate into several days to delay to de-bug and re-test a product, at MiCOM Labs we offer pre-screening, debugging and root cause analysis.
To find out how MiCOM Labs can manage your compliance through every stage of the product cycle, while reducing your overhead contact us now.

Project Management

Large or small compliance programs can quickly spiral out of control with increasing number of regulatory standards, compressed time to market and reduced budgets.
An end-to-end solution provider can help you tackle your problem areas while making sure your compliance project is on-track time and costwise.
Start right by planning all the steps in your product cycle. Choose a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner to handle your compliance process.
Competitive advantage is as much a matter of timing as it is of technology. We invite you to learn more about how MiCOM Labs can help with your mange your regulatory requirements and strengthen your market advantage.

Regulatory Support: Knowledge to Compete

Every compliance program is unique; standards are always evolving and often times confusing.
It's important to know what to test, how to test and when to test to get the most for your time and money.
To get ahead of your completion, see how you can leverage from an efficient and tailored regulatory support program at MiCOM Labs.