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The final step to market entry is regulatory approval. The compliance requirements and approval process differ for every market and can sometimes be different with product type as well. At MiCOM Labs our accreditations and trusted network of global regulatory experts enables us to get your product certified quickly and cost effectively.

MiCOM Labs Certification Body is an industry leader in product certification and approvals. We are authorized by the FCC, Industry Canada to issue product compliance certificate As a Notified Body we are also authorized to issue Statement of expert opinion for European Union economies. MiCOM labs is also recognized as certification body under Japan MIC.

United States of America – TCB: MiCOM Labs is an accredited Telecommunication Certification Body.
Canada – FCB: MiCOM labs is accredited by Industry Canada as a Foreign Certification Body (FCB)
Europe – NB:  MiCOM Labs has a Notified Body status user as per the R&TTE and EMC directives of the European Union. MiCOM Labs Notified body Number is 2280.
Japan – RCB: MICOM Labs is recognized under the US-Japan MRA as a certification body for scopes B1, B2 and B3 (Radio Law)

See our TCB, FCB NB and Japanese accreditation schedule

See our TCB, FCB NB and Japanese accreditation scope


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