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03/2015 - IEEE EMC Symposium

MiCOM Labs will be attending the IEEE EMC Symposium in San Jose March 17-19 collaborating with Boonton Electronics, showcasing the MiTest Compliance Test System. Boonton’s booth will be located in the exhibit hall which will be free with registration. Visit http://www.emc2015usa.emcss.org for more information and free entry!

08/2014 - New FCC UNII Regulations

As FCC implements the new changes in the 5GHz UNII bands, MiCOM Labs is fully capable of accommodating existing and new products to these updated requirements. A list of all changes and detailed explanations are available in a PDF format. Please contact sales@micomlabs.com for additional information.

04/2014 – TCB Council MiTest Presentation

The bi-yearly TCB council meeting held in Baltimore during the first week of April is drawing near and MiTest will be making its debut to a host of manufacturers, operators, regulatory administrations and test labs. This presentation will give attendees a glimpse of the power of MiTest and how it can significantly impact the compliance process. The presentation begins at 10am (EDT) on Thursday April 11th. Please contact MiTestGroup@micomlabs.com for more information.

02/2014 – MiTest Canadian Tour

The official release of MiCOM Labs MiTest, a proprietary automated wireless compliance testing system which utilizes state-of-the-art cloud based processing, begins with a Canadian tour. Tour locations include Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver scheduled for the first week of February. The tour includes live demonstrations as well as detailed product details and information. Speak directly to MiCOM representatives for an in-depth look on the ground breaking new technology.
Please visit the following link for additional information.

10/2013 – MiCOM Labs Relocation

MiCOM Labs relocates to a new facility within the same location with over 20,000 sq. ft of space. This space includes a 1.5 acre outdoor test site as well as a very spacious warehouse to accommodate radiated emission chambers and wireless work stations. The new laboratory contains secluded, security access testing stations designed for client privacy together with many amenities available for clients. Our new address is MiCOM Labs, 575 Boulder CT. Pleasanton CA, 94566.

06/2013 - Release of MiTest to public

MiCOM Labs announces the release of the first cloud based modular test system that allows clients to test to multiple standards without ever having to leave the security of the design lab. This new system focuses on automation, and can significantly decrease the time needed for regulatory testing. MiTest consists of an RF system controller, client’s choice of spectrum analyzer, and a cloud based UI. For more information please visit www.micomlabs.com/mitest.

04/2013 - Bill Graff elected as TCB Treasurer

Bill Graff, MiCOM’s FCC certification expert, has recently been elected as the FCC’s TCB treasurer as of April 2013. As regulations are always subject to change, having a resident TCB council member will provide MiCOM Labs with industry knowledge as well as credibility as a compliance testing lab. Congratulations Bill!

12/2012 - FCC Grants

The future of MiCOM Labs is looking very bright as they have hit a very important milestone! MiCOM is proud to announce that in the year of 2012 alone, they have processed over 500 FCC grants for certification and approval. Although these numbers account only for the FCC, MiCOM has full scope testing and certification abilities for many countries around the world. If your company has any certification or testing needs, and quality and client satisfaction is the utmost importance to you, look no further and contact sales@micomlabs.com.

07/2013 - Employee Expansion

This has been a very busy year at MiCOM Labs. The influx of work coming in from the new revision of 802.11ac has created the need for an employee expansion. MiCOM believes that having educated engineers rather than technicians in the lab offers a high quality of workmanship and efficiency. For this reason, engineers with different proficiencies in EMC and RF testing have been brought on board to handle the increased workload. Congratulations to the new employees!

02/2012 - CMS Development

MiCOM Labs has developed a user interface to be used by clients as well as internally by employees. This new UI organizes client data, and makes the overall process smoother for both MiCOM Labs and clients. The UI, built with ease of use in mind, makes uploading documents for certification a snap. While the new system still in steady development, it continues to improve with each new version released.

08/2011 - MiTest Development

Compliance testing has not seen a significant change in the way of procedure over multiple decades. The manual configuration of spectrum analyzers and setup procedures can be a lengthy process, not to mention organizing massive amounts of data into reports. MiCOM Labs is currently in the process of developing an automated system that can not only speed up testing time, but can automate the creation of test reports. This is groundbreaking news for product manufacturers because the sooner they can receive certification, the sooner they can release their product to the market. Stay tuned for future updates in development!

06/2011 - OTA Chamber Grand Opening

As RF testing reaches higher demand, the diversity of testing procedures will increase with it. This reason is why MiCOM Labs is proud to announce the addition of a new A2LA certified OTA anechoic antenna chamber. With this chamber MiCOM will be able to test a variety of antennas, as well as have the capability to accurately emulate wireless channels in a controlled environment. Software in the lab also allows clients to make use of 2-D and 3-D data plots for development and certification purposes. With these tools at their disposal, MiCOM Labs is sure to meet many client needs.

04/2011 - Japan RCB

With the implementation of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) mutual recognition agreement, there is an abundance of opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, as well as compliance labs. Adding to an already diverse certification scope, MiCOM has taken a huge step by becoming an official RCB for Japan certifying unlicensed, licensed, and blanket licensed devices/products. If there are any questions or quote requests, please feel free to contact sales@micomlabs.com for more information.

08/2010 - Industry Canada designates MiCOM Labs as FCB - Foreign Certification Body

MiCOM labs achieves another significant milestone in its efforts to expand certification services through recognition as Foreign Certification Body for Industry Canada under Phase II of the APEC TEL MRA. The Foreign Certification Body - FCB status - enables MiCOM Labs to issue Certificate of Conformity for Canada and expands our current certification portfolio to cover all of North America.

07/2010 - MiCOM Labs achieves Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) status

MiCOM Labs is officially designated as a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) by the NIST.

The TCB status gives MiCOM Labs  the authority to certify products on behalf of the FCC.  Certification Body recognition along with MiCOM Labs testing ability and standards expertise puts it in a solid position to deliver the full circle in product compliance services to its clients

02/2010 - MiCOM Labs recognized test lab for Sultanate of Oman

MiCOM Labs officially recognized by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - Sultanate of Oman

MiCOM Labs has added Sultanate of Oman to its ever expanding list of global approvals. Oman requires that all type approval applicants for telecom equipment provide test results and reports from ILAC recognized test labs and will accept all test reports from MiCOM Labs for the purposes for product certification in the country.

11/2009 - Simulated Lightning strike testing capabilities available at MiCOM Labs

Simulated lightning strike testing capabilities available at MiCOM Labs

With a growing need for electrical safety and consumer driven product conformity manufacturers of electronic devices now need to test their products against adverse effects of lightning strikes. MiCOM Labs is one of the few labs to offer testing in this area. Manufactures interested in knowing more about the test capabilities, or learn if their product needs to be tested for lightning strikes are welcome to contact us with their questions.

11/2009 - MiCOM Labs is recognized as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for Vietnam

MiCOM Labs attains CAB status for Vietnam

MiCOM Labs has received designation as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) from the designation authorities in Vietnam, in accordance with Phase I of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement (APEC Tel MRA). This adds to MiCOM Labs list of global countries that recognize and certify tests reports produced at MiCOM Labs such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Australia. This significant accomplishment places MiCOM Labs at the forefront of wireless labs able to provide testing and compliance services in its United States facilities for a global market. The capability saves clients the time and expense of sending products and personnel for in-country testing across the world.