Questions and Answers



Quotation Phase

Is MiCOM Labs an accredited test laboratory?

A2LA Accredited lab under ISO/IEC 17065/17025 with full scope testing and certification for:

Japan (RCB)
Under Asia-Pacific MRA Phase 1 MiCOM can test and generate reports acceptable for certification in the following countries:

Hong Kong

Do you offer any other countries besides those listed above?

We have partners worldwide that can assist us in certifying your product/device around the world. Many global markets accept FCC and EU reports, however some markets require in country testing. If you wish to inquire about certain countries please contact sales at sales@micomlabs.com.

What kind of testing services do you offer?

We have capability to test and certify a wide range of RF devices such as:

– Wi-Fi®
Medical Electronics
– Radio Frequency
– Laser/IR
– Wideband
– Bluetooth®
– ZigBeeTM
– UWB/WiMedia
Microwave Radios
– Mesh
Airborne devices
RFID Private Mobile Radio
Mobile Technologies
Public Mobile Radio

We also offer full global DFS capability for products operating in the 5GHz bands

Full EMC/EMI capability to meet client needs

Are clients able to oversee the testing process?

Clients are able to oversee during the testing but we require at least a 2 week notice to accommodate for the client’s arrival.

Where are you located and what capabilities does the facility have?

MiCOM Labs is located in Pleasanton, California at 575 Boulder Ct. 94566. Facility is over 20,000 sq. ft with radiated and immunity and antenna chambers, multiple conducted benches, Internally all testing stations are secure, clients are issued with a security badge to access specified test areas.

What is required for a quotation?

To create a quotation we will need product specifications including technology type (802.11 WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, etc), frequencies of operation, product power sources (AC/DC Adapter, Battery,etc) and antennas to be tested. We will also need the markets the client would like access to.

How do I move forward with a quotation after it is received?

In order to move forward with a project, the client must provide a purchase order for the full amount, and before the testing program begins we may require pre-payment prior to testing. Once a PO is received we will provide a product questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire contains information critical to the testing and certification phases of the project. We also require an estimated date when the EUT (equipment under test) will be available.

Testing Phase

What are the EUT (Equipment Under Test) requirements?

For RF testing, we require a minimum of two units, one configured as a conducted unit complete with RF style flying lead if no connector is available. A secondary unit for radiated testing must be equipped with test code. Full operation code may also be required depending on testing program. Test setup procedure and accessories/connectors are MANDATORY. For EMC/EMI testing we will 2 functioning production units. Please inquire for more detailed information.

How soon can testing begin?

Testing will begin as soon as we have all necessary requirements in place such as the PO from client, EUTs ready to test, prepayment (should this be required), and a completed product questionnaire. When received, the assigned project manager will be in contact to schedule test dates.

How long will testing take?

Testing programs completion times are subjective to the type of product and configuration types of the EUT (equipment under test). This is taken on a case by case basis.

What if there is a failure with my device?

Quotations are created with the assumption that there are no issues or failures with the program with the exception of some time for minor matters. Should there be failure(s), a PCA (Program Change Authorization), will be required which will be added on top of the cost of the original project. The client will be informed about details during the program.

When will the reports be issued?

Draft reports are released 2 weeks after testing is completed. The release of finalized reports are also dependent on the speed of with which clients return comments. The remainder of the project must be paid in full before reports are issued.

Certification Phase

What is required to get my product certified after testing is completed?

Documents must be uploaded into our Certification Management System, and all necessary documents must be filled out. Please keep in mind that certification may have different requirements for different markets. Please contact certification@micomlabs.com to get a better understanding of documentation requirements for your market(s).

How long will it take my product to get certified after testing is completed, reports are issued and documents are uploaded?

This is dependent on the quality of documents provided and which markets are need to be certified. Once all files have been uploaded our reviewer will respond with comments (should this be required). After the review stage the certifier can then issue the certificate.

What is the Certification Management System?

The CMS is a proprietary system created from the ground up by MiCOM Labs to ensure the certification process is as painless as possible. It streamlines documentation handling while keeping everything encrypted and secure in the cloud. It is exclusive only to MiCOM Labs clients who will be provided with a username and login information.